iPhones are now one of the most prized and advantageous assets which more and more people are adapting everyday. Its list of benefits and features are enormous, tending to which youngsters, employee, kids and adults are getting addicted to it. High definition visual graphics, fast and easy navigation, multitasking and multipurpose usability are some of the features which makes this a hit.

iPhone Strategy

The Computer Engineers ventured into the iPhone app development field in 2007, and now five years down the line we have mastered the art of making fine custom developed iPhone apps. Our strategy is to provide prolific software by integrating latest technology and innovation. Our iPhone development team is well experienced and are updated with latest technologies to render the best quality products.

iPhone services

iPhone services

  • Business Apps
  • Sports Apps
  • Kids Apps
  • Event Based Apps
  • Social Networks Apps
  • College Apps
  • Geo location Apps
  • Dating Apps
  • Talking Bob Apps
  • Cocoa framework
  • Cocos2D
  • X-Code
  • Objective C

iPads are another iconic invention which has revolutionized the entire spectrum of mobile to PC usage. This wireless gadget launched in 2010, turned out to be a major hit in the market selling approximately 60 to 70 million iPads. This tool proved to be a great aid for both business as well as the general community as it eased the use of a PC on the move. With the ultimate facilities to surf, watch movies, play music, use VOIP, iPads prove to be a worthy asset.

The Computer Engineers offers high class quality service in iPad app development. Our iPhone and iPad development team are one of the best in the field with relevant years of experience. We make it a point to update our resources regularly so that we cater the best technology to our clients.


Android is the open source OS from google targeted specifically for the Smartphone. It is a wonderful Linux based OS which facilitates free software development since the Android mobile platform is open source and comes with an OS, middleware and SDK apps could be produced and distributed (relatively) free of cost.

Being open source Android facilitates free access for developers to create new and innovative apps which are relatively cheaper than many other Android has now steadily risen as one of the most preferred OS with a variety of reasons.

Android which is operated by Google is one of the most preferred providers of search engine (google), gmail, YouTube, google documents, maps and many others. By selecting Android it becomes much easier to access these and lots more at relatively cheaper rates compared to others. Android is compatible with multiple networks which means you can continue with the same network which you were using before switching to Android.

The Computer Engineers Android development team is expert Java developers with sufficient industry experience and profound knowledge to combat critical apps. Our team has successfully delivered a great many apps in business, entertainment,kids, and events. The Computer Engineers takes the complete responsibility of your project right from designing to the successful execution of apps in the Android market. We recommend you to have a glimpse of our portfolio page to get better insights into our works.


The Computer Engineers group has profound skill and expertise in developing some of the finest website with amazing graphics, dynamic links, navigation and innovative features. Website designing is both art as well a science, a perfect website should have an eye-catching appealing designs with easy to use navigation bars and links.

Over the years we have perfected ourselves in creating compelling and challenging websites.

We work in close association with our clients and develop the designs and apps ensuring complete client satisfaction. Our clients are kept in tune with their projects as we communicate efficiently with regular updates.