ABOUT The Computer Engineers

The Computer Engineers is a leading custom application development company for iPhone, Android and website based in the UK. With operational bases in UK, India and the US, The Computer Engineers is one of the most renowned and potential providers of Smartphone and website app in the UK market. Certified for quality delivery of Software products, The Computer Engineers holds more than 5 years of expertise in custom development. Over this span of time The Computer Engineers is successfully carving a niche for itself in the market and to this day has successfully constituted more than 200+ web based application and 400+ iphone, android applications. Quality, timely delivery of products, prompt and immediate response to customer queries and cost efficiency are the spearheads which dictate our working.

Established in 2007, The Computer Engineers has grown to accommodate a working force of more than 100+ employees working under various project basis. Our employees are updated with the latest technologies so that we can give the best product experience to our customers.

The Computer Engineers believes in providing robust, high definition products engineered to meet the unique needs of its customer. To meet this, we practice an efficient, proven and highly adaptive work methodology called the “Agile”. The Agile spins around the most appreciated and acceptable norms of the modern software development. All the jargon norms and procedures which makes the custom development process a slow and tedious one are eliminated through ‘the Agile’.

The Computer Engineers believes in providing the best solutions to the customers within the decided time frame. We believe in fast, high response, excellent co-ordination and robust team work, hence we choose ‘the Agile’ to deliver our services.

Our work methodology in a brief

Soon after the project kicks off, an internal meeting occurs where the respective skill heads of Project Manager, Developers and Testers are allocated.

  • A detailed analysis of the project occurs and work break sheet consisting primarily of the timeline and milestones are prepared and sent for client review.
  • 100% work privacy ensured with exquisite review and feedback sessions for better approach towards the project.
  • Detailed and regular builds and updates sent to the clients.
  • We bring appropriate changes in the works as projected by our clients until they are fully convinced and satisfied.
  • This approach has resulted in 100+ positive response from our clients and we maintain cent percent client retention.